Who are we? Or even better – what do we do?

We are a small team of enthusiasts from Slovenia – a little European country bordering to Italy (a home country of Aprilia) and Austria (where Rotax engines are made). Electronics, programming, motorcycles, cars, speed, noise and power – these are the things that make our hearts beat faster.

What we do is – we make things go faster. Be it a motorcycle or a car – there is no thing that can’t be improved. All road vehicles, including V990 Aprilias, are made to conform national noise and emmission standards, and that means that their injection is set very conservatively. Their performance can be greatly improved by altering injection settings.

We cracked the code and tuned so many passenger cars up until now, and now it is possible to tune your Aprilia simply by fitting our JayTune EPROM. Fitting a JayTune EPROM results into fatter torque with no gaps, more kick up there in the power zone, and often causes unintended wheelies and wheelspin. Which is fun. 🙂

After initial succes on Ebay we decided to start our own little web shop, and that’s exactly where you are now.