Did she just say she won’t start? Did she?

Big twins are very difficult to start, massive pistons have to compress large amount of air in one stroke. That is not the case with 4-pots, where the starter has to compress only half amount of the given air quantity at the time (comparing twin- and four-cylinder engines of the same displacement).

Our beloved V990 Aprilias have been known as very demanding machines when it comes to starting: the battery has to be in top condition, otherwise there are at least 3 components that can and will give up: sprag clutch, starter solenoid (relay) and starter motor. To avoid this, always keep your battery topped-up with a battery tenderer. If it clicks but doesn’t rotate and the battery is good, starter solenoid or starter motor might be at fault (starter solenoid in 90% cases). Replacing a starter motor or sprag clutch is a job for workshop while you can replace starter solenoid yourself.

That’s why we offer you an aftermarket starter solenoid, a direct replacement. Genuine Aprilia solenoid is rated at 100 A while this one is claimed to take 150 A. And it is cheaper. Much cheaper. It comes with a corresponding connector and connecting terminals so no soldering, crimping or any other adaptation or modification is required.

Fits Aprilia SL, RSV, RST, ETV 1000, Pegaso 650, Atlantic 500, Scarabeo 125, 150, 200, MY 1998-2011, part number AP8112927

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