Many times each racing track demands a very special setup. The easiest, fastest and most convenient way to quickly choose one of many injection setups is by using a Power Commander that can easily adapt injection to given circumstances. But little can be done with ignition timing, Power Commander alters only injection maps. That’s why we made a special Racing ignition EPROM. This EPROM is a dual-map gizmo, ignition timing can be changed on-the-fly (see Dual map switch in our Accessories shop), during the race. Fuel maps are a bit altered RP58 maps (the best chip Aprilia has ever made IMHO) so the EPROM can be normally used on track days even without Power Commander (and it gives a great boost to 128 HP RSV of Falco!). Ignition timing is advanced compared to factory setup. There are 2 ignition mapsets, and there is generally around 2 degrees difference between them. Proper mapset can be chosen according to the weather, fuel type and other factors.

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