We have all experienced some rain during our adventures. Having too much power at hand can be disturbing and dangerous so it would be nice to switch the engine to rain mode just with a flick of a switch. Running an engine just a bit leaner would extend the range of a single tank. Having a road bike for tracking is nice, but a man would wish for two different engine setups.

And all that is exactly what a JayTune Map Switch does, and it does it on the fly!

It is not just a basic switch. It is a switch in a holder, made to perfectly fit all gen.1 bikes. Its cable is well protected in a robust protective braided PVC sleeve so it looks just like an OE part. It comes with all fitting and connecting material. All you need for fitment is some basic tools and some love for your bike.

Compatible with all JayTune EPROMs and also with many, many others – even with stock EPROMs!

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Price: 20,00 €, free shipping worldwide