Did you know Falco is missing 8 HP? 8 horsepower!! The engine, intake and injection system is exactly the same as on the RSV Mille 1000 ’98-01 that has 126 HP, 8 more than a Falco. That means that you can gain few ponies simply by replacing the EPROM with a ’98-01 Mille EPROM. Or you can fit a JayTune EPROM. And gain a LOT more torque in the midrange, improve driveability, lose a flat spot around 5500 rpm and much more. Add sport exhaust, switch to Map 2, and you have a torque monster that needs an experienced rider to handle all the extra punch.

Talking about numbers is very tuff job because every bike is different, but the JayTune test bike showed a HUGE gain with JayTune SL 1000 EPROM and SL Carbon slip-on cans (note: power in dyno data is power on wheels, and yes, a derestricted Falco has “only” 104 HP on rear wheel). Fun factor improved a LOT, and there is absolutely no flat spot around 5500 rpm. Engine braking is also reduced, which is very nice in corners slow enough for 1st or 2nd gear.

Economy you ask? Down there in the low range not much is changed compared to stock Falco setup, so the bike pulls smoothly and doesn’t consume much in the legal speed range.


Comes well protected in a box. Install manual included.

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