Even sportier bikes need to conform legal emmision and noise regulations, and mighty RSV Mille and a hooligan Tuono are no exceptions. That means that if you want more power, you’ll get more power, because that’s what we all want, and that’s what we were working on for months.

JayTune RSV 1000 EPROM comes in two blends: RSV Mille was updated in 2000, and her engine got 2 mm larger intake valves, improved intake camshafts and a bit increased compression ratio. That (including other smaller changes) brought another few ponies under the tank. Injection hardware remained the same, but the software was changed quite a bit.

JayTune RSV 1000 EPROM unleashes the RSV’s full potential. And pushes it even a bit further if combined with sport exhaust or modded exhaust piping (a highly recommended modification in terms of power and driveability). BUT there is one catch – you have to have the right EPROM, otherwise the bike will run too rich or too lean. 126 HP bikes need a different EPROM than the 131 HP bikes.

We have them both – choose your weapon of choice!

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