This button makes your beloved car feel like it should feel from factory: it stiffens your steering, your suspension, it even makes your throttle more responsive and shifts more edgy (functions depend on the optional equipment the car has). And it shows a nice little “SPORT” sign on instrument cluster. Specially nice on wet surface for that extra feedback on the steering wheel in low grip conditions.

In a package you will receive a Sport button with red LED indicator, a harness with connector and pins, all in a braided PVC protective sleeve to make it as durable as possible. An installation manual contains pictures, the fitting procedure is well described and can be done by virtually anyone.

It is plug and play – no soldering, programming or coding is required. Installation requires only basic tools, less than an hour of your time and some love for your car.

Fits BMW E60 and E61 pre-LCI (2003-07), according to some information it also fits LCI cars (2007-2010) and E63 and E64 as well, but it was not personally done and tested by us, so installation instructions may be a bit different (but wiring diagrams are also in the manual anyway).

Comes in protective envelope.

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